Megan L. Horst

Previously Megan L. House

About the Author

Megan L. (House) Horst graduated from Liberty University with a B.S. in Communications, specializing in print journalism, and Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary with a M.A. in Theological Studies. She began writing her first novel, Passage to Freedom, at age 15 while studying World War II. After setting aside her manuscript (which was only intended to be a short story) until her senior year of high school, she decided to have it published. Horst is currently a freelance writer, managing editor of the Magnum Opus Magazine, and director/founder of Ecclesia School of the Arts (    

Horst has previously written for Huntington University's newspaper, The Huntingtonian, Liberty University's newspaper, The Champion, The LA NICHE Journal, Lynchburg's Business Magazine (LB), Central Virginia Family Guide, Lynchburg Living, Central Virginia Bridal Guide, Publish America, OMS International's website and their magazine, Outreach, The Institute for Excellence in Writing, and the Magnum Opus Magazine

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Interviews and Articles

Podcast with Andrew Pudewa (The Institute for Excellence in Writing)