Megan L. Horst

Previously Megan L. House


Journalism Basics

Discover what it takes to be a journalist -- from a news reporter or editorialist to a feature writer. Students will learn how to communicate current events to a wide audience. While creating their own newspaper, they will learn the basics of journalism such as conducting interviews, applying Associated Press Style, and using the inverted pyramid. Journalism Basics will equip students to investigate stories and reach the world through the written word. 

Recommended for grades 7-12 

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Passage to Freedom

Anya Kaskie, a 16-year-old girl, knew her life was going to drastically change when the Nazis invaded Amsterdam. Her father recognized the danger and moved his family into hiding, along with their best friends – the Hozak family. Throughout the journey, Anya began to discover that her father was involved in a secret organization called the "Under Ground Jew Escape." Trying to figure out what was going on and why she was kidnapped by a man who turned out to be her father's rival, Anya discovered a new life, and was given a chance to live. She could not possibly have imagined what was about to come. As the Kaskie's and Hozak's trekked on through the shadows of the night, Anya began to discover who she was and who she wanted to be. 

Bailey Ballerina and Her First Ballet Class

Join Bailey Ballerina as she experiences her first ballet class and performance. Filled with excitement, Bailey cannot wait to become a ballerina just like her older sister Betsy, but she is sometimes afraid she will make a mistake. Throughout Bailey Ballerina and Her First Ballet Class, Bailey learns that it is okay to mess up. What is most important is that she tries her best!